Tips To Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke In Your Room

Smoke is one of the most dangerous elements found in the air that we breathe. Although a little bit of smoke is not deadly, if you get caught in a cloud of fire smoke, you cannot survive more than a few minutes. Therefore, you may want to take the right steps to remove cigarette smoke from your living room. In this article, we are going to talk about a few methods that may help you achieve this goal. Read on to find out more.

Open The Windows

One of the easiest ways is to open the windows to allow the smoke to get out of your room. In winter, you may not try this option as the cold air will make the room uncomfortable for you.

In this case, you can leave the window open for a few minutes, and then you can shut the windows again.

Use a Good Air Purifier

A good-quality air purifier is an ideal device to remove smoke from your house. Moreover, if you go for a unit that comes with a charcoal filter, you can rest assured that it can get rid of smoke smell in a few minutes.

It is important to keep in mind that the filters must be replaced the moment you find that they are dirty. The reason is that these dirty filters lose their efficiency. If you install an air purifier, there will be no need to open Windows.

Therefore, during winter, you can maintain the temperature in your house and still enjoy smoke-free air. Today, you can choose from different types of air purifiers to filter the air in your house. Most of them come with charcoal-based filters. But we suggest that you go for a unit that comes with a HEPA filter as these filters are the most efficient.

Even if you get a unit that comes with a charcoal filter, you should get the filter replaced the moment you notice that the device is unable to filter the smoke. Generally, these filters should be replaced bi-annually.

Besides, some of the high-end units feature indicators that allow you to you choose the best time to replace the filter. You may need to change the filters more often if your room is always filled with cigarette smoke.

Get Rid of the Source

If you want to go for the best method, we suggest that you get rid of the source of the smell. In other words, if you are a regular smoker, you should smoke outside. This is for your own good. Plus, this will make sure that your kids won’t be affected by secondhand smoke.


Long story short, you can try out this simple method to remove cigarette smoke from your room. But an easy way out is to use a good-quality air purifier. Ideally, you should invest in those units that feature HEPA filters as these filters are much more efficient than the regular filters found in air purifiers.

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